Better Roads - Continue to invest record amounts in our new road repair plan, in order to fix our failing roads.

Storm Water - Water infrastructure is also vital to our city. We must adapt the storm water system to handle increased rainfall.

Pedestrian Safety- Continue to implement improvements to pedestrian crossings, especially near schools, focus on reducing speeding in neighborhoods, and work to increase lighting for enhanced visibility.

Traffic Efficiency - Continue optimizing automobile flow to ease congestion and idling time. Continue win-win partnerships with UM and other entities for signal timing advancements and adapting roads to emerging vehicle technologies.


Drinking Water - Ensure the safety and security of our drinking water, and continue to invest in maintaining our water infrastructure.

Parks - Ensure we fully fund our park system, keeping them safe, clean, and maintained. In addition, facilitate improvements that make our parks more accessible to all residents.

Transit - Invest in partnerships which lead to the development of public transportation to jobs, entertainment, and other centers of population.

Solar - Continue lobbying for legislative changes to make home, commercial, and community solar more advantageous.


Accessibility - Ensure senior housing and other resources are connected to the bus system, sidewalks, and other forms of transportation.

Zoning - Change zoning laws along transit corridors to allow our residents to affordably downsize and move, while remaining in the community.

Community - Get certified as an Age-Friendly Community by the AARP to advance knowledge sharing with other communities. Continue to foster a city experience with theater, art, museums, and more.


Low-Income - Meet our promises for substantial investment in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and use gains from vacant land sales to subsidize units

Middle-Income - Prioritize residential development over additional strip-mall centers


Efficiency - Rigorously benchmark city service delivery quality and millage rates against peer cities

Revenue -
Ensure we meet future revenue needs through economic activity and maintaining superior bond ratings


LGBTQ - Maintain "Extremely Positive" rating and continue to advocate for inclusive city policies and events

Racial -
Continue city participation in GARE training and support of citizen policing commission

Economic -
Ensure progress on affordable housing goals and continued collaboration with transportation agencies